Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Number ... Your Website
Your Beneficial
Advantage IN Advertising
Providing Websites for Home & Business

Imagine Your Printed Phone Number
also as a Website Address !
Magnifies the advertising potential
of all phone numbers.

… Just For You
And Unique To You ..

Get Started Today !.

Website Address

To get online, one needs a Domain name and also purchase web hosting.

Domain names and website hosting are separate products. 
Domains are registered for a fee for one, and up to ten years.

The web is over thirty years old, and it is getting hard to find a domain that is short, memorable. and best if it is a .com.

Besides the .com extension, there are hundreds available.
See 800+ more extensions.

Website Hosting

We provide website hosting and domain name registrations at our business site.

We have hunted and collected domain names since 1998.  If you are looking for a domain name, we can help you find one. Contact Us.

Your Phone Number

Your business probably has one or more phone numbers. supplies phone number website address as subscriptions.

Any phone number in USA, Canada, and the world, are available URL's.

One Example:
Using our domain of, for area code 715, we add a folder of any number, say /555-2676.

The Phone Number URL would be:

This URL (Web Address) also represents your phone number.

Phone Number & Website Address as ONE !

Providing Call or Surf Options in your advertising.
By, replacing your plain phone number in your print media.

Start Yours Today !

1-_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

To see what your phone web address would look like, with a USA or Canadian phone number, fill in your area code and phone number...….

1_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

With a subscription to your phone number URL, it can be set to auto-redirect to any website or webpage of your choice.

Example redirect possibilites:
Your existing website
Your eBay sales page
Your Craigslist sales page
Your Facebook page

Or a landing page, with all your links listed.

Get your Phone Number Web address today, and replace your plain jane phone number shown in all your print media.

Business cards, classifieds, letter heads, signs, yard signs, bill boards, emails and more

Where ever you have your number in print now !