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Your Phone Number Works Very Well Where Ever
"Seen In Print"
Such as,

Business cards, Classified ads, For Sale Signs, Letter heads, etc.

Learn How You Can Benefit So Much More

By Replacing Your Plain Number
"Seen In Print",
With Your

Phone Number

and also as a

Website Address

"In Print" !

1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _


( A Typical Phone Number like )
1 - 651 - 555 - 8049

Is provided as a web address as


Website Address

Ad for a motorcycle for sale.

( A Typical Phone Number like )
1 - 763 - 717 - 2222

Is provided as a web address as


Webpage Address

Redirects to a Self Storage Website


A Website Address
For Any Phone Number In Any Area code
In USA and Canada

1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _
(Area Code + Your Number)

Fill in your area code
and phone number
to see what your
URL looks like.

Powerful CALL or SURF Options In
When Advertising
Your Phone Number
In Any Print Media + TV

Your phone number works during calling hours,
And, as a
Website Address,
it works around the clock 24/7

Called a URL, it can be your
Main Website for home or business,

or set to auto redirect to any website of your choice.

Ebay seller page, Etsy page, Craigslist Ad, Affiliate Link, Etc


Magnifies the advertising potential of any phone number in print or on TV / Web media.

Unlimited Advertising Possibilities
For All Phone Numbers.